Portland Aerial Cinematography & Photography

Black Falcon is a leader across the Northwest in aerial video production and photography.

Our pilots and camera crew are both highly trained and expertly skilled.  Our equipment is state of the art and offers us a broad range of versatility when it comes to capturing your perfect shot.  This allows us to custom-fit our solutions to a diverse range of needs and always deliver superior results.

Take a look at some of our aerial videography work:

Portland Skate Park

Portland Blues Festival

OHSU Tram and Train Station

2015 Street of Dreams

REMAX Real Estate Video

Aerial Cinematography Done Right

Black Falcon Productions takes our profession seriously.  That’s why we offer the highest quality, detail-oriented solutions.

We are fully insured and equipment is triple checked before each flight.  Our pilots are FAA licensed and certified.  Safety always comes first.  

We are capable of delivering a wide array of aerial cinematography, videography & photography applications based on your needs. Whether you need to replace a camera jib on a film set, get that dynamic shot for a car commercial, or replace the manned helicopter on a photo shoot, Black Falcon has you covered.   

From panoramic photos to cinematic chase scenes, the proverbial sky is the limit! With precise GPS control, and gyro stabilized camera mounts, our aerial cameras can fly up close and personal—revealing that “impossible” point of view.

Experience the amenities and level of service only Black Falcon Productions offers!

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State of the Art Equipment

Our fleet of camera ships features some of the most popular and capable aerial videography equipment in the world including the Aeronavics SkyJib-8 and DJI S800 Hexacopter.

Highly Trained Professionals

Every single Black Falcon flight features a highly trained pilot and an experienced camera operator to ensure the highest quality raw footage as the foundation for great video production.

Client-Centered Approach

We take the typical video production process to the next level by including your input as much as possible.  Our focus will always be to bring your vision to life through cinematic storytelling.

When you combine state of the art equipment with the skill and experience of some of the industry’s best, you can expect amazing results.  But at Black Falcon, the experience we offer our clients may set us apart even more than the finished product.

It starts with top-notch equipment, a highly skilled pilot and camera operator.  Where Black Falcon Productions sets itself apart is that our clients have the option of stepping into our 28′, climate controlled mobile production trailer and watching the shoot as it Aerial Video Production in Trailerprogresses.  With 42” monitors you get to see the live camera shot—the same one our camera operator sees.

Want a different angle or altitude for the shot?  No Problem!  Simply relay the information to the pilot and camera operator via intercom while the camera ship is still in air.

Once the flight is over, you can inspect your video footage or photographs right then and there using our full Mac-based editing suite.   We offer the latest editing software on location in our production trailer.  This helps us to ensure complete satisfaction with our company and the product we deliver.

At the end of the day, that level of satisfaction is our only goal.

Partner with Black Falcon to Bring Your Vision to Life Today!

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