The Black Falcon PILOT

In development for over a year, our Black Falcon PILOT is something we are proud to offer both our clients and other production companies.

We started with an electric low speed “street legal” vehicle and outfitted it with a choice of jibs and multiple shooting decks.  The result is a one-of-kind all electric Video Production Vehicle.

It features your choice of manual or robotic jib arms.  Each are capable of carrying one of our gyro stabilized gimbals or a state-of-the-art jib head.  Utilizing wireless HD transmitters (Paralinx Arrow-X or DJI Lightbridge), we are able to send the live HD video signal directly to the operators in the vehicle, to an external confidence monitor, or 4K video monitor inside our Video Production Trailer.  This enables our clients to see the shot as it develops and communicate directly with the vehicle as it happens.

Utilizing the shooting decks, our camera operators can use a stabilized handheld camera gimbal or hand-held HD/4K camera to capture incredibly smooth video from virtually any angle.

The Black Falcon Pilot is eco-friendly, street legal, super quiet.  It can play the roles of low speed chase vehicle, mobile jib, and trackless dolly.   Its virtually silent, has no noxious fumes and is capable of getting you the smoothest video footage from inside, on the street, off-road.

Interested in putting the Black Falcon Pilot to Use?

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