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Who is Black Falcon Productions?

Black Falcon Productions is an award-winning, full-service video production company serving Oregon, Southwest Washington, and the Pacific Northwest. With over twenty years of experience in the video industry, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide professional studio, live event and on-location production services.

Our company goal is to provide you with professional HD and 4K video services while telling your story in a way that makes you look your best. We offer a network of highly skilled producers, directors, writers, researchers, videographers, audio technicians, and editors. Whether you need a complete project from start to finish or just need a crew to shoot, we have the resources to achieve your production needs.

Black Falcon Productions was founded by the award-winning director of photography and professional cameraman Richard Biles. Richard has used his camera and director talents for more than 20 years to direct and shoot hundreds of live events, corporate, commercials, training, and web-streamed video productions.

Richard’s creative vision, a keen eye for detail and great work ethic has earned him and Black Falcon Productions recognition as one of the premier production companies in the Pacific Northwest. We offer the tools, skills, and talent necessary to achieve the highest level of visual storytelling and have created compelling content for a long list of discerning clients.

Richard Biles

Richard Biles
Owner and Director of Photography

Our History

Black Falcon Productions started as a one-man camera crew in the mid-1990s shooting collegiate sports for several universities and later broadcast news stations under the company name of Sports Video Northwest. The mission was to provide those Universities and television sports shows with exceptional quality game highlights and footage.

We soon developed a reputation for getting those impossible shots, goals & scores and had collegiate athletes, award shows and national broadcast companies knocking on our door wanting footage for their programs and recruitment videos. With no shortage of great local sports talent, we were soon providing national news and sports organizations with award-winning sports footage.

After several years of sports videography, we ventured into the arena of multi-camera sports productions, live event coverage, and commercial cinematography. We grew substantially, obtained state-of-the-art equipment & technologies and took our show on the road with directing, shooting and delivering high-end web streams and broadcasts of virtually all genres of video production. A name change was in order to reflect we were doing much more than sports and in 2010 we rebranded into Black Falcon Productions.

Fast forward to today and the content has evolved but the mission remains the same. We still strive to deliver the highest level of quality, content, imagery, and story medium possible, providing clients with services and products that are a cut above the competition.

Clients, Partners, and Broadcast Companies

These are some of the Clients, Partners, and Broadcast Companies that have used our services.

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