Black Falcon Productions Portfolio University of Portland

Black Falcon Productions Portfolio University of Portland

Black Falcon Productions Portfolio University of Portland

Black Falcon Productions Portfolio University of Portland

About University of Portland

The University of Portland is a private institution that was founded in 1901. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,798, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 108 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

Services Provided

Live Streaming Services – Establish a program to web-stream live sporting events similar in style and scope of live network television broadcast of the same event.

Mobile & Video Production Services – A fully directed, multi-camera video production sporting event in an arena environment.

Technology Used

Design, build and employ a full feature & equipped Mobile Production Studio.

Equipment needed for Mobile Production Studio:

  • Broadcast quality switcher
  • Broadcast quality audio mixer board(s)
  • Video & audio recorders
  • Internet converters
  • Multiple computers with specialized software
  • Instant replay system
  • Intercom system with up to five remote headsets & com boxes
  • Acquire up to seven broadcast quality cameras
  • Camera monitors, tripods & camera controls for each camera
  • Signal converters and boosters
  • Interview & ambient microphones
  • Miles of video & audio cabling
  • 20,000 watts of inverted AC generators
Jason Brough
Associate Athletic Director / Public Relations, University of Portland

Richard Biles and Black Falcon Productions were instrumental in developing and executing a comprehensive live video production for University of Portland Athletics. Dick and his team brought professionalism and dedication to the job. He was always willing to do whatever was asked to serve our video needs and continued to stay on top of technological advancements and best practices in the industry.

Highlighted Service Provided

Design and implement a program for distribution of live sporting events via Internet webcast in multiple venues across campus.

Issues included

Venue locations included a large 5,000 seat sports stadium, a 5,000 seat collegiate basketball arena and a baseball diamond. Both the stadium and baseball diamond were uncovered and subject weather-related issues. Venues are also frequently filled to capacity making it necessary to install camera platforms, safely run several thousand feet of camera/audio cabling around venues and gain access for mobile production trailer in close proximity to venues.

During certain times of the year, multiple sports ran concurrent seasons, which resulted in up to four webcast events per week. Because of the extensive distance and size of the venues, set up before each game averaged four to six hours for Black Falcon crew members. These extended setup times generated additional crew costs making the cost of services higher than anticipated.

Solution for Problem

Black Falcon Productions partnered with the University in the investment and installation of miles of audio/video cabling throughout the various venues. The university also built and installed multiple permanent camera platforms with corresponding electrical panels throughout each venue for the camera and mobile production trailer operation. Black Falcon Productions further augmented our mobile production trailer with technology to expedite pregame setup and breakdown of equipment, further reducing crew costs.

Technology Used to Solve Problem

Black Falcon Productions used our 28’ mobile production trailer, experienced crew and a large inventory of equipment to facilitate a live full-featured broadcast presentation of each sporting event.

Each broadcast included:

  • Three to four broadcast HD cameras with operators.
  • Two to three additional stationary cameras.
  • Director/Switcher of camera feeds.
  • Instant replay operator to record and play live sport for replay during broadcast.
  • Graphics operator to create graphics/commercials/sports bumpers.
  • Audio Technician to monitor and control audio of live play-by-play commentators, playback of commercial broadcast / web-stream.
  • HD web-stream of each event.
  • Video Feeds for live in-house game broadcast on local venue monitors.
  • Game recording and archive.
  • Game highlights recording for post-game local television & university usage.

Benefit to Client

The University of Portland was able to broadcast high-quality live game coverage of all their sports via HD web-stream at a fraction of what it would have cost to bring in a television broadcast company for each game.

The University established itself as the premier provider of high-quality web-streamed game content in the West Coast Conference and was recognized nationally for their early innovative approach of providing high-quality sports broadcasts over the internet.

Once Black Falcon Productions became recognized for the quality content provided to the UP Athletic Department, other University departments soon began requesting our services for their programs.  Black Falcon Productions was soon web-casting University galas, commencement ceremonies, key-note speakers, religious ceremonies and numerous Marketing Department fundraisers.