Black Falcon Productions is an experienced leader in aerial cinematography services (aerial videography services) for Portland Oregon, Southwest Washington, and the Pacific Northwest.

Our Aerial Cinematography Services Video Production Process

With over five years of experience in flying drones for cinematography, we began flying aerial drones and helicopters when they were built from scratch and you had to actually learn the craft of flying these camera ships manually.

We Use State of the Art Equipment

In today’s age of other local companies offering off-the-shelf cheap multirotor aircraft with fixed miniature cameras, we still offer our clients superior choices.  Our fleet of five camera ships features some of the most capable equipment in the world including the heavy-lift Aeronavics SkyJib 8-engine Octocopter, a DJI 6-engine Hexocopter, two Quadcopters and a large pay-load Single-Rotor helicopter.  This equates to you being able to select the right drone, camera, and gimble for your project.

Highly Trained Professionals

Every single Black Falcon flight features a highly trained pilot and an experienced camera operator to ensure the highest quality raw footage as the foundation for great video production. All pilots are FAA Licensed and Certified.

Aerial Video Production with Safety in Mind

Black Falcon Productions uses a “safety first” approach in every flight. From preflight planning, equipment checks and testing to mission briefs and obstacle awareness, we won’t send a drone up until all conditions for a safe flight and return have been met. Black Falcon Productions is fully insured, and our equipment is triple checked before each flight.

Our Goal Is Your Complete Satisfaction!

From panoramic photos to cinematic chase scenes, the proverbial sky is the limit! With precise GPS control and gyro-stabilized camera mounts, our aerial camera ships can fly up close and personal—revealing that “impossible” point of view. By choosing Black Falcon Productions, you will receive custom-fit solutions to your diverse range of needs, allowing us to deliver superior results for your project or event.

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