Black Falcon Productions has years of experience in live streaming services for live events, concerts, and sports. When done properly, streaming media is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your audience in ways now only possible through this evolving technology.

Emerging Technologies

Still, the science is developing and reliably hosting a web stream in HD requires experience, specialized equipment, and redundant systems. That’s where we come in. Black Falcon is proud to help clients deliver their content in real time at the highest possible quality and bitrate.

Our ability to digitally encode and simultaneously record multiple formats as we shoot, enables us to stream your content in real time to diverse audiences in various bitrates. By doing so, your content is always delivered at the highest level of quality the viewer can accommodate. In addition to live event hosting, we offer HD post-production services for webinars, sports events, corporate videos, marketing videos, web commercials, training, and seminar videos.

Affordable Solutions

Our live web streaming offers an affordable opportunity to expand viewership, save money, reduce travel, and deliver your message. As technology evolves, Internet users have come to expect HD transmissions on their computers, pads, and telephones. We are able to offer simultaneous streaming to all those devices at the highest bitrate possible. Whether it’s the delivery of your next board meeting, commencement, live video training, or sports program, we can make sure your next broadcast is delivered smoothly, consistently and in full HD.

Christina McKenzie
Digital Marketing Manager, Nike Inc.

I worked with Richard and Black Falcon Productions to produce a live stream of the Oregon Sports Awards at Nike World Headquarters. We partnered together on this annual event three years in a row, and I have nothing but good things to say about my time working with Richard and his team. He was responsive, organized, and thorough in his approach to planning and executing the live stream. He made sure that I understood even the smallest details of how things would go leading up to the event week – but on the night of, when I had so much else to orchestrate and think about, he made sure the live stream wasn’t one of them. Black Falcon had my complete trust and the event was streamed to hundreds of viewers around the state of Oregon flawlessly.

Live Streaming Services

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