If you’re a band or solo artist wanting to sell your music, book more gigs, or just wanting to build up your fan base and online presence, you’re ready for our music video services. Black Falcon Productions knows the struggle of turning music from a hobby to a profession. This is why we have made it a mission of the company to provide an affordable, creative, and highly artistic approach to music video production.

Basic Music Video Services Packages

Music Video Services

Studio Music Videos

An affordable style of music videos that are recorded from different angles in a studio or room. The primary intention of focusing the viewer’s attention on the musicians and their instruments. Ideal for a singer-songwriter, or a band that wants all the emphasis to be on the emotion and feeling of the song.

Live Music Videos

Great for capturing the energy, excitement, and feeling of what your audience can expect to experience at one of your live shows. Black Falcon Productions can add the excitement and movement of jibs, aerial videography, rolling dollies and/or unique camera moves to our array of different camera, lighting, and stage packages. The result ensures your video will contain dynamic to dramatic camera shots.  Videos like this one are a great way to score future gigs!

Music Video Services

Staged Music Videos

Similar to a studio music video where the band members are together playing their instruments, except filmed in a unique location (e.g. at the beach, on a building, or in a parking garage). With our self-contained video production trailer, we can turn any location into a feature-rich recording studio. Promos of this type of music video are ideal for bands that want to express their mood and energy through the scenery of a dramatic location.

High School Students

High-quality music videos are great for an audition and/or portfolio purposes. Many colleges consider this type of content for admissions and scholarships.

College Students

A music video is key for selling more digital downloads or booking more gigs. You will be able to do so by sending social links such as YouTube showcasing your performance(s) when booking venues and agents.


Keep your fans engaged while you are not performing. Music videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools available for artists when selling their music and/or growing their popularity around the clock. Your talent, paired with the cinematic atmosphere we capture in our music videos will showcase your music in an immersive way that goes beyond words.

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